SmartTarget Ltd is a spin-out of the Centre for Medical Image Computing at UCL (University College London). It has a mission is to deliver affordable technologies for precision targeting of the prostate that:

  • have been subject to the rigour of academic or clinical publications and peer review;
  • result in improved outcomes for patients by sampling more accurately and efficiently;
  • enable a new generation of focal therapies.

We are fortunate to have been supported in the development of this work by several UK government and charitable funding streams, including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, NIHR through its Invention for Innovation (i4i) programme and most recently, the Health Innovation Challenge (HIC) Fund: a parallel funding partnership between the Wellcome Trust and the UK’s Department of Health.*

SmartTarget Ltd is supported by UCL Business PLC.

*HIC funding aims to stimulate the creation of innovative healthcare products, technologies and interventions and to facilitate their development for the benefit of patients in the NHS and beyond.

The SmartTarget system is a class 1 medical device, developed in accordance with EU council directive 93/42/EEC.